What Is Crazy Horse Leather?

What Is Crazy Horse Leather

Are you looking for durable leather items with a vintage as well as a premium look? If you are, then Crazy Horse Leather is the best solution for you. Yes! It is a distinct kind of leather that stands out from the competition. It blends a luxurious and antique touch with strength, durability, and a unique look and feel.

This unique material has grown in popularity over the centuries, and for good reasons. This leather has a range of advantages that make it stand out compared to other types of top-grain leather. These days, a growing number of personal accessories are being made from this leather.

Crazy Horse Leather is used to create the best leather wallets, purses, and other accessories. In this article, I'm going to discuss each and every fact about this unique type of leather. So, continue reading if you are interested in this topic.


What is Crazy Horse Leather?

Crazy Horse Leather is a special type of leather that got its name from being the primary component used to make horse saddles in the past. It is made by rubbing full-grain leather with a particular kind of wax. Because of the wax, the material's color will vary somewhat as it is rubbed or scratched.

This provides each item with a special, rustic, antique appearance that matures gracefully. Durability, water resistance, much fewer staining concerns, and, of course, its distinctive appearance, which blends luxury with antique roughness, are some of the benefits of this material.


How is Crazy Horse Leather made?

The leading suppliers in the industry provide Crazy Horse Leather with the highest quality full-grain leather components. The whole cowhide skin is utilized to create wild horse leather. The rawhide is processed by rubbing oils and waxes into the previously polished, buffed, and slightly softened surface.

Applying a thick coating of a unique kind of wax on the surface of full grain cowhide to produce Crazy Horse Leather. Wax improves the leather's fibers, and when this leather is scratched or scraped, the leather's original color changes, giving it an aged appearance. Additionally, the wax makes it water-resistant, enhancing its longevity.


Types of Crazy Horse Leather

Depending on the colors and manufacturing methods, numerous sorts of Crazy Horse Leather may be identified. They are referred specifically to by the term given to their hue. Let's take a look at different types of Crazy Horse Leather.

Copper Crazy Horse Leather

One of the lighter-colored crazy types, copper Crazy Horse Leather, contains copper tones, as its name indicates. Reddish copper is the main color. There are noticeable color changes in the liner, which has a moderate tan tone.

Tobacco Crazy Horse Leather

Tobacco crazy horse leather characterizes a rich dark tint. Given its warmer hue, it is an exact match for the color of tobacco. A brown color scheme may be seen on the interior of this kind of leather.

Black Crazy Horse Leather

The outside and inside of black Crazy Horse Leather are both black. Although it is black, there is no visible color shift since the leather is greasy. It consistently has the same hue and effect across practically all products.

Khaki Crazy Horse Leather

The hue of khaki Crazy Horse Leather is khaki green with a green tone predominance. There are tone changes as a result of its oily surface. The outside of the inner surface is also green.


Features of Crazy Horse Leather

Crazy Horse Leather comes with a few different features compared to traditional leather. Apart from its durability and excellent appearance, there are some other features. So let's take a look at some key features of this leather.

Extremely Durable

Because Crazy Horse Leather is crafted from premium full-grain cowhide, it is incredibly sturdy and long-lasting. This sort of leather is durable and will last for many years. The wax applied to the leather gives it longevity. With very little upkeep and care, applications manufactured with this leather may last for decades.

Unique Appearance

Aesthetics are one of the amazing features of Crazy Horse Leather. Yes! This type of unique leather provides a vintage and special appearance. It can withstand the wear and tear those saddles endure, enhancing their attractiveness and appeal with time. Moreover, this type of leather is available in different colors.

Scratch can't affect it

Naturally, regular wear and tear on wild horse leather might cause minor scratches. Therefore, damaged and scraped surfaces may have altered color tones. But doing so will just enhance the bags' retro appearance, making the elegance of the leather the main attraction.

Easy to Care

Last but not least, Crazy Horse Leather is effortless to clean, which means you can clean this leather easily. Use a gently dampened cloth to remove stains from the surface of this leather. If it becomes wet, carefully wipe away the moisture with a dry towel.


Applications of Crazy Horse Leather

Crazy Horse Leather is growing in its usability for personal accessories. This material is mainly used to manufacture handbags, wallets, outdoor bags, and other accessories. Products from this material offer a vintage and unique appearance. These applications also provide excellent durability and long-lasting features.


Wrapping Up

Crazy Horse Leather is a high-quality substance with various benefits. The great density of the grain of the upper section of the skin accounts for the durability and quality of this leather. It changes with time, gives your goods a vintage aspect, and holds up well to usage and wear. If you're seeking a durable leather item with a vintage and luxury appeal today, crazy horse leather is the way to go.


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